a mostly goodhearted thirty year old lady who lives in a land where it's winter half the year. starlings nest in the soffit along the side of my house and mourning doves roost under the roof above of my door stoop. i fall in love all the time.

sometimes i sing.
sometimes i make things.

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i found this on my desk today.  it’s paper made out of elephant poop with an elephant on it.  since elephants are vegetarian, their poop is mostly cellulose, and there’s a company that cleans and processes the cellulose and turns it into paper.

end thoughts tomorrow.  i promise.  i’ve been meaning to forever, and i will.

tonight was/is (it’s still going on, and i keep getting facebook notifications about which bar everybody is at, and it’s wicked annoying) my ten year high school reunion.  i debated whether or not i wanted to go, got dolled up, and then drove up to my hometown, drove by the square where the reunion was being held four times, parked, sat and tried to talk myself into believing that everything would be fine and fun, had an anxiety attack, and then came home and washed my face.  i’m sad to be missing a few people who are rarely in maine, but overall, i don’t really care, since most of the people who are going actually live in the area and i could make plans to see and catch up with them.  and out of the 78 people that rsvp’d that they were definitely going, i actually wanted to see and catch up with less than a third of them.  i was a weirdo in highschool.  i wore headphones often and dyed my hair funny colors and wrote constantly and was in every choir and did annoyingly well.  i didn’t fit in anywhere because i don’t know how one actually goes about doing that.  i didn’t go to parties.  my social life in high school is actually very similar to my social life now, except for that back then, i saw people every day who were my friends, and now i don’t see friends for ten months at a time (i did run into a friend of mine while leaving the dollar store a few weeks ago, but that doesn’t really count, since it’s not as though we spent any sort of actual time together).

plus the last time i saw a large group of people i graduated with (other than a classmate’s funeral in 2010), they were mocking my colleagues and i as we were saying goodbye to someone we would never see again.  so.  i obviously graduated with a lot of a+ super great characters.  maybe i’ll want to see more of them at the twentieth reunion.  maybe i will be more mentally stable and not feel as though my life is a complete disaster.  maybe.

maybe not.

the good news is that this is here.  the bad news is that i am not feeling well at all.  i’m pretty sure it’s all just stress related (the doves are still hanging out really close and not flying very far at all [i don’t know if this means they just like us or if they’re having a lot of trouble getting their wind], and a guy was really mean to me today at work for something that was not my fault, and i’ve been excited about the tascam, and excitement is also a form of stress, if you think about it).  but it still sucks to generally feel rundown and awful (especially now that it is the weekend).  i hope this doesn’t happen anytime i get slightly more stressed than i usually am.  i am pretty terrible at functioning as a human.

end thoughts soon.  i swear.  and i’ll try to do some more tumblr-y things maybe too.

today there has been a lot of bird stress.  the baby doves started fledging yesterday and today, one of them just sat in the driveway.  all day.  the other baby was in the driveway this evening. i’m not sure where they’ve gone now.

i don’t know how concerned a normal person would be about this, but on a scale of zero to ten, i’m probably at a six or a seven.  the mother did come back to feed them but i’m so worried because the doves have had such a hard time this year.

the proverbial bag of garbage around the seagull’s neck.  end thoughts soon.

what is it like to be somebody who doesn’t obsessively worry about things like this?

guess which person on tumblr that you follow is buying (maybe sort of irresponsibly, but it’s a good deal and it is the most serendipitously timed thing that has happened to me in a very long time) a tascam 414 mkii, two microphones with clips and cables, and five tapes from a guy sometime this week?


the fellow lives in the town where my dad is going to do an install either on thursday or friday.  he listed it last night and barring any sort of weird mumbo jumbo, it’s going to be mine.


i won’t have to sit in front of the computer to record.  if i’m recording in another room, i won’t have to bring my computer with me.  i’ll be able to record in bed, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the basement, at work, anywhere.  so long as there is an outlet (i don’t think the 414 can be battery operated), and that is many places.

the microphones are a radioshack brand, but have good reviews on the tape op boards, especially for female vocals and acoustic instruments, and hello, have we met?

I AM SO EXCITED!  i kind of just want to drive down tomorrow after work to get it to get it but also i don’t really want to drive down to get it (it’ll be a three and a half hour round trip journey, and i don’t really have anything else to do in that area, and i’m not even sure what there is to do), so i’m hoping my dad will be willing to pick it up while he’s there, but if not, it’ll be a nice weekend trip.  oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh.


both fanfare songs have been completed and submitted!  and i’ve had two beers and they have me at that nice level of inebriated that i enjoy being, since i haven’t eaten much at all today.  i don’t want to go to work in the morning.  i do want to stay home and write songs and record things all day.  ALL DAY!

i spent about four hours recording in the bathroom today.  this may possibly happen again tomorrow.  i don’t really understand anything.