a mostly goodhearted thirty year old lady who lives in a land where it's winter half the year. starlings nest in the soffit along the side of my house and mourning doves roost under the roof above of my door stoop. i fall in love all the time.

sometimes i sing.
sometimes i make things.

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i don’t want to post anything too spoilery for those who are still waiting for their lullabye deliveries, so this is going to be kind of vague, but here are some highlights.

despite all but one of my friends not showing up (some had good reasons, others had no reasons at all, which was rather disappointing), we had a really excellent crowd of approximately fifteen people who were home visiting for the holidays and a real nice fellow from bangor with a beck hat.  i was really pleased that so many people turned up seemingly out of thin air.  and also that they were all so nice.  offered to help clean up and everything!  and my friend jayson really enjoyed it, which is awesome (he has been excited about the music tapes holiday travels since i first told him what they were and that i invited them in 2008).

house was especially christmas-y and cozy.

the new songs that were played were some of the best music tapes songs i have ever heard.  there is something really special about this new batch of music that julian and friends are making and i cannot wait to hear the new album.

MAGICALLY, some of the snowflakes that are suspended from the ceiling ended up falling to the ground during a point in the evening.  very curious!

i win really wonderful prizes that i have never seen, but include my invitations being all over the music tapes’ dwellings because they are beautiful, silly things that they love as much as i love making them because i love the music tapes.

pepper LOVED julian.  robbie was really vying for the affection of bella, but she’s pretty and she knows it, so she was being rather temperamental about it.  the cats were (for the most part) really well behaved.

three hours of rehearsal after everybody left.  bella had her spooky dukes on (this is what we call that wide-eyed kitten look) while robbie was playing the valve trombone.

dream cookies were a smashing success.  i think it was because i changed the recipe for the glaze just a little bit.

things i found in my living room this morning: three pennies, a piece of green ribbon with white polka dots, a green and white swirled peppermint candy candle (this is really weird because i have red and white swirled peppermint candy candles as part of my christmas decor), a few bits of shredded paper, and a broken christmas light bulb.

someone had pulled harpo speaks off my shelves for julian.

so much magic.  so much warmth.  it was really the most beautiful evening i could have asked for.  and i think julian and ian and robbie enjoyed their time in winterport too, which is great because i would love to have them back.  it’s too bad they couldn’t have stayed longer; i know julian wanted to go out exploring, but they had early shows in vermont tonight and had to leave shortly after waking up and getting ready for the day.  i’m still hopeful that someday i’ll get to take him to the chicken barn, because i really think he’d love it there.  it was the most special night i have had in forever.  i am so happy and so warm feeling and glowish.  what wonderful, magical fellows those music tapes are.  gosh.

and now, much needed sleep.

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