a mostly goodhearted thirty year old lady who lives in a land where it's winter half the year. starlings nest in the soffit along the side of my house and mourning doves roost under the roof above of my door stoop. i fall in love all the time.

sometimes i sing.
sometimes i make things.

Posts I Like

the music tapes left this at my house after they were here in 2010.  i actually had (and have; they survived christmas moldfest 2k11) six of these “wrapped peppermint candy candles” as part of my christmas decor, but they are red and white and not glittery (this one has a clear glitter on it).  i had a theory that maybe they were lifting small, likely-to-go-unnoticed-as-missing christmas decorations from people’s houses and leaving them at other people’s houses, but i’m pretty sure all of my things were still my things, so i’m not entirely sure what the story is behind this little candle that was left behind.  they also left three pennies, several scraps of paper, a piece of ribbon that was to be used as a blindfold, and a broken blue light bulb (the candle and the broken light bulb were left on the living room organ; the light bulb was tucked away in a votive holder, and the candle was sitting out in plain view.  probably forgotten, but it has a nice home where it is loved).

which, i am only just now realizing, is sort of funny, given how i feel about blue lights and certain cervidae types.  hm.